June 9th

Woodbridge Island Strikes again!

After my charter yesterday I hung out on the flats to see what was giong on during low tide and also the evening incomer. Low tide was actually pretty good. I did drifts over the southern channel on Joppa and picked up a few small keepers and a bunch of schoolies on a 4 inch sand eel pattern. Also tons of carp in the shallows. Anyone up for some bow and arrow carp hunting? As the tide came in, so did the big sows. The spot of choice was on the south side of Woodbridge and along the chore over as far as the Audubon center. The big fish of the night was a 40 inch beauty caught on a sand eel pattern/Ray's fly. So anyway that is right where I started my charter this morning and it payed off nicely. Despite the peasoup fog, Pat and Clay Ellis had landed a 30 and a 40 incher by 5 AM right behind Woodbridge. Tons of other fish caught throught the day despite the fog!! Thanks guys!

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