Sept. 23rd-26th 2004

Can I have a large surface blitz to go please

Sept.23rd- We had Alden Losee and his buddy Allen out for the morning charter. We started out at Emerson rocks for first light and Allen hooked into a monster that he fought for several minutes in the rocks. The big sow initially took off out of the rocks but then she ran back into them and that was it, broken line. Nothing really epic for the rest of the day. a few small and scattered surface feeds.

Sept.24th- Started off with Bob and Al from Dunmore, PA. this morning. We couldn't even get out of the Rowley river because there were just too many fish porpoising on the incoming tide. On the menu ths morning was silversides, herring, and clousers! the morning feed continued for a few hours and then things slowed down again as the sun and heat intensified. Give me some cloud cover!!

Our evening charter was pretty darn slow. We had Todd Lloyd, Eric, Jim, and Denby out for the incoming. Things really didn't pick up until the sun went down, and most of our fish again came from the flats right around the mouth of the Rowley.

Sept.25th- We had Todd and Eric's group for a second charter today, And had a great morning feed over where the channel takes a 90 to the north of Eagle Hill. It was nonstop surface blitzing for a good couple of hours! Lots of fish on the fly!! Again though as the sun and heat picked up the bite faded. Thanks for putting the trip together Todd!! Another great trip.

Bob and Al were back at it again for the evening charter. The fish were scattered and not feeding much but putting in a couple of days with us again payed off as Bob landed his first keeper on the fly! over in the "tailing hole" which has been so so good to us since it's discovery a few months ago. This hole consistently produces between the 2nd and 3rd hour of the incoming tide everyday!!

Sept.26th- Bill Crombie and his son Bill Jr. made it out for the morning fish and although it was dead low tide, these guys were rewarded with a fintastic surface blitz!!! The action started as the tide began to come in down by Sandy Point. As the morning tide covered the flats, so did the stripers!! Fish were breaking water everywhere around the boat and continued to do so for several hours. At times the action was a little too much and Bill Senior declared that he had a type of "striper fever" similar to the "buck fever" that deer hunters often get when their elusive quarry slips into range!
As weekend warriors awoke we began to have boats rudely slip into our casting sphere. All they had to do was go for a few minute boat ride, look for birds, and they would have found their very own pod of surfacing stripers. So that's what we did. We lost the crowds and headed north. We quickly found birds off of Hog Island and again were right in the middle of blitzing fish! This spot lasted for about an hour until the boats found us and again we were forced to move. This time we found birds back in the creeks at "#13" Bill Senior made a well placed cast out in the hole and was rewarded as a beauty nailed his fly! I managed to get this one on film and it should prove to be some great footage! Thanks for a great charter guys and I look forward to getting you out in the future!

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