June 14-26

Big Fish! Big Bite!

June 14- Fished PI Sound. Had great success on a rip after 2 hours of incoming tide. Big bass were stacked and slamming bait. Lot's of great fish and many near misses. Also got our first blues of the year.

June 16th- I did a morning and an evening charter today with the evening bite really being just sick!! We landed a couple of dozen keepers between both charters. All up on Joppa!! Big bait, big fish.

June 17th- Team Galante with Eastcoastflies.com had a strong 3 generation outing again this year. Several big fish were landed on the flats. This terrific outing was spearheaded by Lou who just couldn't keep the big bass off of his line!!

June 18th- Another 3 generation outing resulting in several more hog stripers. Top rod honors go to 12 year old Andrew Wass who caught the most and biggest bass of the day including a 39 inch twenty pounder!!

June 19th- Another 2 charter day utilizing these great early morning and evening high tides. The highlight of the day came late, well after sunset when 12 year old Kyle Will boated a 39 incher on 6 pound test with a 6 foot rod!!!

June 21- The big fish were all over the flats but just wouldn't give Ed, Roy, and Charlie of New Jersey any love. We bailed out after landing one 39 inch bass and a bunch of schoolies. We headed up to Lawrence where our bad luck continued as Fish and Wildlife was shocking the tailrace. Tons of shad up there, a few huge stripers, and a few salmon were also shocked.

June 22- The bite finally happened for Roy, Ed, and Charlie. Big fish eating like crazy after a couple of hours of outgoing.

June 26- Great day out on the water. Rain held off and cloud cover held on. Tons and tons of schoolies and then about 3 hours into the outgoing the big fish bite started. I thought the highlight of the day would be a double where we landed teo 39 inch fish but young Billy Zinonni came through late in the charter and landed a real beefy 41 inch fish. Nice job Billy!! We also snagged a small snapping turtle out on Joppa? Lot's of sand eels out at the mouth for the incoming with a few small bluefish under them.

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