June 1st-12th 2006

Will the rain stop!!

The rain finally did let up and the Merrimack came down for 3 days!! The highlight of this temporary stoppage was on June 2nd when myself and three Duxbury dudes attacked the jungle, Lawrence. The tailrace behind the Lawrence dam was stacked with herring and shad slashing stripers. The payoff was big despite the barrage of lead and pencil poppers that were being sent our way. The total fish count is unknown as none of us could count over 20. But realistically we caught around two dozen legal sized stripers which featured three 40 inch type hold over fish with giant sagging bellies. Man I love the jungle!!!

P.S. My vehicle was vandelized while we were fishing, no more 10 speed. Note to self, bring empty beater type car to Lawrence.

June 3rd- Hiding up in the Ipswich, again!! Rain, wind!! Quote from nameless client (J. S__k) "I told myself I wasn't going to have a beer until I caught 20 fish, I didn't think I would be drinking by 7AM."

June 9th- First day on Joppa. Some real nice fish up on the flats!! Small pods of monster fish. Had to hunt them down!! Biggest fish, Neil!! 37 1/2 inches.

June 12th- Second sunny day in a row!!!! Joppa slow, water color, coffee with 3 creams. Headed to Plum Island Sound, water color, Key West green. Fish busting bait up to a calm surface, terns working, did I mention sun!!!

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