September 5th

Christopher catches a ton!!!!

Great charter this morning despite the winds that started whipping up a froth out there today. And some great fishing done by one of the best young fishermen that I have ever seen!! His name is Christopher and his technique was a slow methodical retrieve. The area where this young angler really showed his stuff was out in the shallows of Plum Island Sound during the first three hours of the incoming. It was sight fishing for bluefish at its best!! The blues were hanging up in a couple of feet of water right on the edge of sandbar dropoffs. Again the meal du jour was peanut bunker, and tons of it!! I actually cast into the middle of blitzing fish and didn't get a hit!?! Is it really possible to have too much bait? Speaking of bait, Chirstophers favorite lure was the "super bait" (4" ice shad fin-s) and the "super slug-go." Thanks for the great day Christopher and his dad Patrick too!! Hey Patrick when you get a chance send me an e-mail so I can add your address to my contact list. Thanks again for a great day!!

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