August 29th !!!! INSANITY !!!!

Fall Blitz on Peanut Bunker has begun!!!

Just sick!!! That's all I can say. Having just gotten back from Alaska on the 28th I wasn't sure how I'd feel about returning to our fishery. Well I can tell you right now that I saw more pounds of fish today than I did in a week of fising AK!!

We started out in the Merrimack throwing flies at a few groups of surfacing stripers. All micros. We then headed down to PI Sound for an all out bluefish blitz across the entire inner sound. Heck with it let's keep moving and find some bass!! Blitzing bass fom Middle Ground down to Cranes on the incomer and then on the outgoing, just pure insanity!!! The entire Atlantic appeared to be full of Peanut Bunker, Bass of all sizes, and every variety of fish eating bird known to mankind. The bass were really keyed in on the little bunker which were no more than an inch in length. Although we didn't catch any 40 inchers, they were there the only problem was that so was every other size bass!!! If this is a sign of what the fall has in store for us, well I may as well say goodbye to dry ground until November!!!!

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