Snag a pogy, ....

Catch a Monster!!!

July 21st- The morning charter started out pretty similar to the day before except for one thing, I couldn't pass up trying to snag a few pogies to use for bait. The hell with fly fishing!!! at least for a little while. So after putting on a Slugo for one client and a weighted salt and pepper bassin assasin for another, I loaded up the 6 foot Fenwick with a treble hook and a peice of lead. I hooked up pretty quickly, putting a nice 15 inch menhaden in the livewell. I hooked up again and was slowly bringing in the pogy (on 4 pound test) when the spool began to smoke!! I motored up and started after the disappearing line. After several runs, out from under the boat appears a behemoth striper! Upon getting this monster sow into the boat I realized that I had taken big fish honors away from Roy who had landed a 44 incher with me in the last week of June. The fish was just under 4 feet long and weighed an estimated 37 pounds (the 30 pound boca grip was once again maxed out). Unfortuneately I handed my digital over for the photo session in video mode however thanks to Rob galante we were able to pull the following low resolution photo from the video! Thanks Rob!

(Click to enlarge)

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