July 21st

Bass and Blues!!!

Nice morning out there today. I had a couple of Vermonsters out on the water for what prooved to be a successful late July outing. Started out in the merrimack at 4:30AM. On the way down to the mouth, we passed several large schools of bait that would have been easy targets with a net for all you live bait guys. Not much happening up top besides the bait. We shot south hanging out a couple off miles from P.I. Birds told us the story and put us on Poagies (thanks Noonan) being chased around by blues and bass. They were moving fast but we managed to hook up a few times on the sand eel gurgler and also the sand eel deciever. After messing around for a few hours with these roaving pods, we headed to Emerson's, Crane's, and Middle Ground, all of these spots produced. As the tide approached high, back to emerson's for a pile more and then back in to Middle Ground for the outgoing and a few more bushels of bass. Total hours fishing, 10. Total fish caught, 40ish. Average size, 18 inches. Largest fish, 27 99/100 inch bass. Amount of fun had, 9.4 out of 10. 6/10th's deduction for presence of greenheads. Thanks guys!!

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