July 3rd

Around Plum Island we go!!!

Man what a great charter today. Lot's of fish, no big fish. The day started out great right off the bat at the launch. As I waited for Randall and Scott to show up at Cashman's I threw a fly out and bang, fish on! Next cast, bang, fish on!! The guys eventually showed up and we started doing a 200 yard drift from the boat launch down river and then back up again. By 7 o'clock the guys had boated a couple dozen schooolies!!! The entire time boats just kept on putting in at the launch and going by! Our next move was to go out in front of Plum Island and head south looking for birds and fish. We found a few small pods of blues and managed to get only one 7 or 8 pounder up to the boat. Emerson Rock's was our next spot where the guys once again slammed stripers and occasionally hooked up and lost a blue. Just tons of aggressive fish out at Emerson's and also the next small rock pile to the south. Next stop was over to the rocks at the top of Crane's beach and bingo, biting fish all over the place. Next stop was up at the northeastern point of Middle Ground to my favorite mussel bed and wham bam the guys were hooked up again almost instantly. The bottom line, Plum Island and the inner Sound were dynamite today!!! The bait of choice was a 3 inch silver and white Fin-S Bait with a 3/8 ounce jig hook or my sand eel pattern!! The total number of fish caught, 55 to 60, average size, 14 1/2 inches. Go get em' guys!!!

The photo below is of Randall, his first fly rod striper, and my sand eel pattern.

(Click to enlarge)

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