June 30th

Just like that the bite is............

Gone. All I can say is that it was one hell of a June but today on the last day of the month the bite on the Merrimac finally disappeared. The morning was calm and there were literally thousands of fish finning and rolling just below the surface all over the flats but they just weren't feeding agressively. Don't get me wrong we still caught a few beauties but boy was it tough. It has everything to do with water temperature. The water just got too warm and it has pushed the stripers out of their maximum efficiency mode reducing their ability to binge!! There is of course a solution to this problem if you want to keep fishing the river but it requires leaving the realm of flies and plastic baits. Live bait. Casting sea worms on light tackle into these slow cruising pods, setting up minnow traps in the marsh for mummichugs or heaven forbid go get yourself a casting net and get some live sand eels!!! All of these baits will produce big time if presented on light line when these stripers get finicky. The way to catch the most fish is to motor slowly until you find a pod and cast these irresistible food items into or just ahead of these cruising bruisers!! The other option is to find some colder water and biting fish!!! A great option right now is flounder out in front of Plum Island, the rumor is that they are literally stacked and eating worms big time!!! Send me an e-mail if you've got a pattern that's producing fish!!!

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