The Summer Blues!!!

Incoming tide at the mouth of the merrimack!!!

The past few days we've been staying up on the flats until the water is gone and then moving out to the mouth to fish the last hour of the outgoing and the incoming. The current line off of the south jetty has been productive for stripers and also a ton of blues for that last hour of outgoing and then as the tide turns and comes in, so do the massive schools of sand eels and the summer blues!!! Just wait for the birds and bingo!!! The sand eels have been so thick that I resorted to snagging a few to use for bait just for the fun of it. Most of this surface stuff has been going on over to the north of the north jetty. The best baits have been a 400 or 450 grain with an eight inch sand eel pattern or a seven inch salt and pepper "bassin' assasin'" rigged up with a one ounce jig hook. Most of the fish have been below the sand eels and not coming up to the surface. Many of the blues, including the one pictured below, have been loaded with herring and occasionally we have gotten a glimpse of herring being chased around by some truly monsterous stripers. There was one group of 5 or 6 stripers all in the 35 to 40 pound class that went racing past the boat after a ball of herring. Where's my forty pounder!!!!

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