Fishin' with the Clark Boys!

Junior takes a beating by Dad, Uncle Tom and Bob

What a great three days! I really enjoyed fishing with these guys and they really did themselves a favor by signing on for three days. The Payoff finally came on day three!

Day 1
The first day Captain Dan took out Randy Senior, Randy Junior and Tom into Plum Island Sound and high wind. Basically a sight fishermans worst conditions. The results were less than spectacular. All fish were small and not many were caught by our standards. All I can say is I'm glad we had these guys for a few more days.

Day 2
I took the Clarks out on this day and decided to switch things up and hit Joppa Flats. The tide had just started to turn and go out when we arrived on the south west side of Woodbridge and the fish were there by the thousands and not a single other boat was out in the river!! It was hammer time! The fish were holding over submerged patches of grass and pushing bait up to the top. Several triples and countless doubles were registered by the older Clarks while Junior scrambled to put in his good luck chew and get into a fish over 14 inches! Man tough luck Junior. You'll get the hang of it someday. Eventually we headed back into Plum Island Sound were we caught fish continually but not anywhere near the hammertime pace of multiple fish per minute.

Day 3
Right from the get go I knew it was going to be a banner day. At the launch I stated "I hate to potentially set you guys up but today the fish will bite, the big fish will bite" Off we went reaching Emerson Rocks before the sun even came up. The first fish of the day was caught by Uncle Bob on a black long-A bomber thrown right into the breaking surf over a high tide at the rocks. What a beautiful way to start the day, An electric red sunrise and stripers to boot! A few more near keeper sized fish, some good sized schoolies, and a little jet boat surfing topped off the action outside for the morning.
On the inside of Plum Island Sound it was calm as could be and surprising little surface action to be seen. We decided to throw at a small group of breaking fish off the southside of Middle ground. Everyone instantly hooked up in the 1' to 2' deep water. Quick releases and we were all hooked up again this time all four of us at once. Randy Senior quietly played his fish from the stern and upon trying to organize a picture of all 4 of us with fish I saw Randy's fish break surface at least 75 yards in front of the boat. Our attention soon turned from our 20" schoolies to the monster sow that Randy had hooked. What a beauty! All 42 inches of her! The fishing just never really slowed down (September 21st)even at dead low we found a hole that was just loaded with nice fish that were willing to take anything from poppers thrown on the fly rod to small plastic "Fin-s" baits thrown to imitate the silversides and herring that are so abundant right now. We literally caught fish right back to the boat launch with some of the most impressive surface feeds being right in the Rowley river on the bottom of the incoming. Great Trip guys!! Thanks for the memories!!!

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