June 23rd - 43 incher!!!

On the 23rd day there was sun!! and sight fishing!

Another great day!! We started out with a minus 1 foot tide and no water in the flats so we headed out to fish the surf in front of Plum Island. We didn't even make it that far when we began to see birds working. Small groups of monster stripers were pushing 6 to 8 inch sand eels up to the surface for only a second or two before disappearing. They would then reappear several hundred yards away. They were really moving fast and were tough to target. Patience and being in the right place at the right time was critical and we managed to land a 38incher and several small keepers before heading back into the flats for the outgoing which once again prooved to be sick!! It was all sight fishing at pods of 50 to several hundred large stripers for a couple of dreamy hours!! The monster of the day, a 43 inch beauty to claim the title of big fish of the year on my boat. It weighed in at just under 30 pounds. Nice job Ed!!!

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