June 20th

The Burgess Boys strike it big!!

Well I wasn't sure how the sun was going to affect the bite today but not to worry, the bite was once again on. The charter started off at just about dead low. plenty of fish from buoy 13 down to the mouth but getting them to hit our flies was another thing. Breaking fish that wouldn't bite?!? Just tons of fish all over the place rising like crazy but we had a heck of a time getting any to eat. As the tide came back in we did very well up by the American Yacht Club and Half Tide Rocks but all of the fish were the "mini-bass" that I have been talking about this season. A great part of this charter happened over in the flooded grass off the south side of Woodbridge as we got to watch and cast at daisy chaining carp all of which were in the 20 pound plus range. some of the carp were feeding way up in the shallows while others were involved in what I can only imagine was some kind of courting behavior. It would have been a blast with a bow and arrow!!! Finally the tide was high and once again as it turned and headed out the stripers began feeding like crazy all over the flats. The bite was on yet again!!!! Thanks for a great day Don and Clint!!

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