June 18th Another Bucket Head Bass!!!!!!!

Three Generations of Fishermen

Another incredible charter this morning with Lou Galante, his two sons (Rich and Rob) and Rob's son Robbie. The bite was on again!! Reilly's sand eel deceiver once again beat out the white herring pattern but keepers were hooked on both patterns. The only bad news about this supposed "all fly fishing" outing was that Robbie was quick to pick up one of my spinning rods that was rigged up with the plastic bait of the week, the 9 inch slug-go. After seeing Robbie hook and land numberous trophies, Lou and then Rich also tried their luck out with these set-ups. The good news was that these guys landed just a pile of 30 to 35 inch fish with the trophy du jour once again breaking the 40 inch mark with the fish pictured below. Thanks again guys, awesome morning!!!

(Click to enlarge)

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