Having fun!!!!!!

Another fabulous evening tide out there on the flats in Plum Island Sound. I had Zig and George from Newton, Mass. out for the afternoon and all I can say is that these guys know how to have fun! Zig threw white and blue gurglers on a floating set up and chartreuse clousers on a sinking line while George worked a rebel jumpin' minnow on one rod during surface blitz's and a 5 inch "arkansas shiner" slug-go when the bite went down. All four of these set ups produced fish for these guys!

Middle Ground again proved to be the honey hole for the duration with plenty of surface action on all sides of the island. A quick run down to the rocks at the northwest end of Cranes didn't produce many fish but we spotted several large fish cruising the shallows. I can't even imagine what drifting some live herring would have done produced!! Anyway that's all for now thanks for putting the trip together guys!! And give me a call to book a June date next year for Mr. Big!!!!

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