Best day on Joppa yet!!!!

yes we have a world class fishery!!!!!!!

I've got to tell you that this morning (June 12th) will go down in my personal memory as being one of the most fun days of fishing that I have ever had. The Mike Bretton Fishing Squad (MBFS) showed up this morning with their game faces on. The results were awesome. A slight east wind, dense fog, slug-gos, 8 pound test, and number 4 trout hooks were all the variables that the MBFS needed to land an amazing 25 to 30 keepers during their 7 hour charter. Dancing slug-gos with light spinning gear across the chop was just too much for these hungry and downright agressive stripers. The captain of the MBFS, Mike, landed the teams biggest fish of the day measuring in at an impressive 41 1/2 inches in length. Eveyone in the group caught a fish of at least 36 inches in length with the smallest fish being caught by "Buoy Joe." This miniscule specimen weighed in at just over 4 ounces and measured 7 and 1/2 inches in length. The average fish size on the day went down considerably after this catch. Think about the team next time Joe. Dennis started off the day with a bang landing a 37 incher right on our first drift down the flats! Kevin was right behind landing a beauty on a surface plug while we were still searching for the "bait du jour." The fish just kept coming and coming drift after drift. The bite really never died until the slack at the bottom of the tide!! Man what a day!! Thanks guys!!

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