September 15th 2004

"Middle Ground" Stripers

Another great afternoon charter this time with a New Hampshirite and Jerry the Georgian. The incoming tide was ok with scattered fish pushing herring around basically all over. The key was finding nice flat water and doing drifts. Both poppers and streamers were working well. When the tide turned and started going out the action picked up. The key here was just putting on some miles and find the birds! A real nice group of fish was over in the south west corner of Plum Island Sound to the west of buoy 18. At any given point in time there were 200 yards of breaking fish. We would circle around them, drift over them, hook up with two or three fish and then they would spook and go down only to resurface and have us start the whole process over again. We pulled some nice 24" to 26" fish out again on poppers and also a clouser tied up to imitate herring, white bucktail with green, olive, and blue and a lot of flash. Other groups of fish were holding off the west bank of Middle Ground, the Northern tip of Middle Ground and as the tide went down in the rip to the east of Middle Ground just up from the house boats. Nothing huge today but lots of fish in the mid-20 inch range and all on the fly!!!! Except for a few caught by Dan who refuses to stop throwing those damn slug-gos since that last 40 incher he got!

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