Memorial Day Marathon Charter!!

Stripers from Joppa to Lawrence Dam

Myself and Steve Saldi decided to brave the Memorial day crowds in search of stripers. We started out at the top of the run out on Joppa Flats and continued the trend of "the year of the mini-bass" We caught a ton of fish but there are just so many little agressive fish that it's hard to hook up with the much less abundant keepers right now. We decided to switch it up and go see if we could catch some live bait. Bad idea, we got skunked looking for mackeral and then we tried catching bait at the north jetti and only got one herring. We then decided to try our sabiki rigs over at the south jetti and again got into the micro-bass. In fact,I hooked up with 5 of them at one time on a sabiki rig!!! We took our lone alewife up to halftide rocks and did a drift in search of a real striper. We had action quickly as a monster began trying to catch our lone herring. Unfortuneately the herring ran right to the boat and the striper spooked back down to the depths. It just wasn't our day on the flats so up to Lawrence we went. The fish were up there bigtime. Every time an angler dipped a live herring in the water they would hook up almost immediately. The bad news for us was that shortly after getting there we had to help rescue a fellow angler who foolishly attempted to anchor his boat in the class 2 rapids!! The boat submerged quickly and the rescue began. Again it prooved to not be our day as I felt a problem with my boats steering and we were forced to call it a day. Off to Hudson's Outboard in the morning!!

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