May 29th Joppa Flats

Th year of the "mini-bass"

Great Charter this morning! Dana Ono and Ralph Loren basically caught as many fish as they wanted to and then played around with different weight lines and fly patterns. The combo that worked best today was a 350 grain with a small olive and white clouser. The retrieve needed to be slow and right along the bottom to hook up with the most fish. The one thing that became completely clear out there today was that this is the year of the "mini-bass" there is an unbelievable amount of truly tiny bass out there this year. We bumped into Charlie Crue on the water and he seconded this trend stating that these mini bass were potentially coming up from the Hudson. Not all the fish out there were micros, the lunker du jour was a healthy 30 incher that Ralph caught and released. Thanks for a great morning!!

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