May 26th

Flooded Merrimack still producing!!!!

I launched down in Newburyport today and headed up river in search of calm water and stripers. My approach today was to target every tributary that comes into the river between Newburyport and Rock Village. The results on this raining and flooded outing were less than spectacular but we wouldn't have gone hungry either. I started out by hitting the Powow river right up to where it goes underneath 495 North. There were a few fish biting in there but nothing to write home about. The river was just too dam high! I kept heading up river and eventually found a concentration of fish in a tributary in Newbury at the spot displayed below. I was just about throwing the fly into somebodies kitchen and loving every minute of it. The big fish of the day was just barely legal and tons of fun in this little fast water shoot!! After milking this spot I headed up to the big eddie in Rock Village where all I could muster was a couple of schoolies. Oh well back at it tomorrow!!

(Click to enlarge)

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