the carp honey hole has been found!!

I know it sounds kind of messed up but I hooked and landed this fellow on the fly. In fact there were so many carp in the honey hole that I hooked up and lost carp 5 times in one cast!! The spot was in a tributary to the Merrimack called Town Creek which is in Salisbury. If you head up this brackish creek to where it splits, stay right to where a culvert of some sort goes under an abandoned road. Anywhere and everywhere below the spillway is full of carp. Now I never really thought much about carp until the first one I hooked in this spot came launching out of the water and shook my chartreuse, white and yellow deceiver out of it's lip or more than likely out of a fin that I had inadvertantly snagged. Regardless of how I was hooking up with these fish, they were a ton of fun and took me well into my backing on numerous occasions!! If you are in the area I highly recommend trying this spot for a new and exciting species on the fly!!

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