THEY'RE BACK!!!!!!! May 2005

North Shore stripers!!!!!

Well we got off to a bit of a late start this season, blowing off striper fishing to guide turkey hunts for the first two weeks of the month. We had several successful hunts here in Mass. as well as up in Vermont. Let's put it this way, there will be no shortage of turkey feathers for tying flies next winter!!! Enough with the turkey news and on with the fishing report!

They're back!! A morning charter on the 14th was really pretty ridiculous. Peter Olsen and his fishing buddy Steve had already lost count of how may fish they had landed and it was only 6AM!! The first fish of the day prooved to be our curse, measuring in at about 2 feet, it ended up being the biggest of the day. Most fish were in the low teens, that's inches not pounds. But still a ton of fun after a winter of waiting!! Every fish we caught was on a chartreuse and white clouser tied on a 2/0 mustad. The surface action was best right at first light and lasted for a few hours with the outgoing which started at about 4AM. The key to finding the fish on this day was a no brainer, find the warm water!

I just got a phone call from a reliable source who was watching guys catch fish at the locks on the Charles River. The date today is the May 16th. Go get 'em!!!!

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