Manchester by the sea

More October stripers!!

Dan and I both ran charters out of Manchester Harbor on Sunday the 10th. I had the morning charter and was out well before sunrise with Paul Ramage born and raised in England, currently living in France, working out of Switzerland and somehow fishing for stripers with me here along the Mass. North Shore. I guess that's internet advertising for you!!
The morning started off well enough with fish cruising just under the surface all over the place to the south of the harbor. there was just enough movement to the surface of the water to be able to see fins and backs breaking the surface at first light. It was sight fishing at its best! As the tide worked it's way in we threw 4 inch olive, white, and chartreuse throated decievers with a lot of sparkle at the rocks with success. Although the fishing was hardly equivalent to the intense organized feed of a few days earlier, Paul was able to catch a pair of small keepers on the fly as well as several schoolies. Thanks paul!!
Dan's charter started off good as I pointed him to a shoreline where Paul and I had just been doing very well at for the last hour of our charter. Disaster struck as Dan's client foul hooked himself, requiring the first aid experience of a true captain. Dan simply yarned the hook out with his pliers. "Most of the afternoon was slow," stated Captain Chaloux, "until dusk when some small surface feeds began to appear". The bait of choice for this charter were bunker that Dan and I snagged inside the harbor. Cheating? yeah, if you are a purist but who can resist a little live bait!!!
Anyway today is the 14th and apparently there were a bunch of fish out in Plum Island Sound today as well as up along the Maine/NH border. So keep on fishin'!!!!!!!!

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