June 6th - 11th

The big boys are back big time!

The evening of the 5th I managed to find a bunch of big fish while probing the flats with my 9 weight. The homework prooved valuable for the next morning as fish showed up in the same area for Jan and Dave Nolte. The big fish were officially back. Jan scored big landing several keepers up to 42 inches on plastics while Dave stuck it out with the fly rod and only managed fish in the 8 to 10 pound class. Then the rain came!!
The wind and rain put an end to the awesome morning blitzs for now as bait got scattered all over the place and big fish began filling the flats hourly and changed the mood of the river. The feeling was good. Saturday the 7th had the flats full of water late in the morning and sight casting at big old white tailed sows was the new game! Hell with casting at acre sized blitzs anyway!
The evening of the 9th was insane. I'd like to tell you where I was but I can't. There were fish everywhwere, waves and waves of big fish, real big fish, taking large synthetic herring patterns. What a blast.
The mornings of the 10th and 11th were also insane. Sight casting at 40 inch plus fish with Kerry and Marilyn from Prince Edward Island. Marylyn's big fish over the two days was a 43 incher and Kerry's big fish was a whopping 47 inch bruiser. Where's my 50 pounder on the flats!!!

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