July 14th 2007

Monster Sow on the Fly

Same deal as yesterday, big fish packed into virtually no water on the flats and biting from 4AM to 6:30AM. Todays highlight was definately hooking and sadly losing one of the biggest stripers I have ever seen in the Merrimack. The fish fell for a 4 inch bucktail sand eeel pattern while drifting Joppa. The fish literally wouldn't budge from the bottom and as we drifted after the initial hookup, the monster sow had out a good 150 yards of flyline and backing. I made the call to fire up the yamaha and slowly head back up to where she was holding. And hold she did for a good 10 minutes!! She only came up to the surface once to give us a quick look and then down to the bottom again for another 5 minutes. There just wasn't anything we could do with her except slowly tire her out and hope the hook was in there good. Unfortuneately the hook finally worked its way out and the 45 pound plus striper was free again. Bummer, big bummer. Anyway the day was salvaged by just a huge amount of schoolies that once again showed up near the top of the incoming for a sand lance slaughter. Lot's of fun and a true story about the big one that got away!

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