July 13th 2007

Joppa still fishing well

Despite the warm water and weather, some big fish and plenty of schoolies are staying up in the Merrimack. Their presence is definately due to the insane amount of sand eels that are in the river and out in front right now.

We started out dark and early this morning with only about an hour of out going tide left. Did I mention that my new favorite tide on Joppa is whenever there is no water. All the fish that don't head out the mouth get condensed like sardines in a can into what little water is up on the flats and makes hitting them in the nose with an offering that much easier. Anyway this mornings low tide prooved just this point. Unfortuneatly our two biggest fish of the day snapped 30 pound leader as if it were 4 pound test covered in deet. A bit of a lull in feeding as the tide came back in and then chaos broke loose during the last 2 hours of incoming. Just a massive on and off surface blitz as mostly schooly bass balled up 3 to 5 inch lances for a good couple of hours. You really know it was a good surface feed when all of a sudden you realize that all the birds are gone because there bellies are just too packed to feed anymore!!

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