June 29-July1 2007

Connecticut River canoe/fishing trip

Man what a great way to spend a long weekend! I had a group of 6 fishermen out and ready to play for three solid days, and play we did! Our first campsite was at one of my favorite fishing holes in the entire world, secret spot 200. That first night we caught a couple of browns and several walleye up to 24 inches. Talk about the makings of a great fish fry! And fry we did! It really doesn't get much better than fresh walleye. The next morning we woke up and imagine that, we were right at my favorite fishing spot again! I think the trout gods were a little pissy from us keeping fish the day before because all the trout we hooked that morning came off. I had on two browns and what I think was a rainbow, Karl See had a big fat 20 some odd inch brown that snapped his leader like it was two pound test and Brooks Glahn had a beauty of a rainbow that just kept launching out of the water and finally shook the hook! We did manage to catch a few walleye and a smallmouth. After a quick meal, down the river we went, casting at log piles, rock outcrops and into riffles. The heat of the day kept the bite down somewhat but we still managed to catch a bunch of bass and a few more walleye. The second night out found us camping on a secluded beach that rests directly across from a walleye hole that is over twenty feet deep in a portion of the Connecticut that is only about 70 yards across. Walleye and smallmouth were the two main species that we caught and I also caught one of New Englands rarest amphibians, the elusive mud puppy. You have got to look these things up online, really neat, not to mention insane bait in the 8 to 12 inch size class for big wallete, browns or also the pike that are in this section of river. Anyway the next morning we all paddled and fished down to our takeout and off we all went to chase more fish on another day!!!

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