June 27th 2007

The big boys are still biting

I had the pleasure of doing a charter today for the Pemigewassett Valley chapter of Trout Unlimited way up there by the Old Man on the Mountain. Once again I recommended an early start and it paid off as big stripers were condensed into a few small channels on the flats during the early morning low tide. As we drifted down the flats, big fish boiled all around the boat and eventually took some of our offerings. Unfortuneately the two biggest fish of the day broke off in this early morning time period between 4 and 5 AM. Both of these fish were clearly in the 40 inch plus range. A few other small keepers took the hook over the next hour or two but eventually the flats just shut down. Visible fish everywhere, but just shut down. What's a guide to do? Head to the mouth of the river and put a hurtin' on a pile of bluefish and then call it a day!!

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