June 26th 2007

Bobber fish back!!

Man the bite was on right off the bat today. I started off with very little water on the flats and headed to the shallow haunt where bobber fish had made his first appearance days ago, he was nowhere to be found in the early morning darkness but the big sows were right there again and whacking big baits right off the bat. The bite was on again! thank you Fish God. A couple of real nice 37 to 39 inch fish in the boat by 4:50 AM. Plenty of shots at tails and dorsal fins all morning and as the tide came in i just followed the route where I have been seeing bobber fish throughout the different levels of the tide and I'll be damned if we didn't stay on the big sows all morning and yes! we did eventually see bobber fish back up in his little favorite corner of the flats and within a few minutes of finding him we had a couple of real nice keepers in the boat. Note to self again, need more bobber fish. The bite eventually petered down at the highth of the tide so we headed out to the mouth for a change and caught a few schoolies and one small keeper on 1 ounce jigs with salt and pepper 7 inch bassin' assassin's. great day guys!!

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