June 24 2007

Bobber fish returns

Man another tough day. At least the first charter. same story, lots of fish on the flats but they just weren't feeding. I had to resort to going down to the mouth of the river to catch blues and schoolies. The second 7 hour charter was the exact opposite, the bite was on! I found several hundred big fish in a little corner of the flats at dead low tide with the Rhode Island Boys who were back for another June day on Joppa. These Rhode Island guys can fish! Between the 5 of us we found that the fish would only hit white slug-gos in the heat and sun of the day. And boy were they hitting, right in a couple of feet of water at high noon without a cloud in the sky! Then out of no where that red bobber popped up again. it was bobber fish!! We did our best to follow him around as the tide came up onto the flats and eventually relocated him back where I had seen him at high tide the day before. once again he was with a big pod of girthy sows. note to self bobber fish is good, need more bobber fish. We finished up the sunset where bobber fish brought us and landed just a buttload of nice keepers. just a sick late June charter. We also saw 8 species of fish on the flats today, stripers, blues, sturgeon, carp, 4 foot lamprey, fluke, herring, and sand lances. Not bad!!

Nice job guys!

Check out the photo below!

(Click to enlarge)

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