June 19th 2007

HHHammer time

We said hell with the heat today and Hit the water early this morning. The first fish was in the boat by 3:30AM. and soon thereafter we located a bunch of big pods of sows down in the east end of Joppa. It was all casting at dorsal fins with day light just starting to think about happening. Just sick. We got some real nice fish up to 42 inches on big black flies and big black plastics. Had one huge fish break off one of my client cleanly...not gill plates. the nshow continues into the day as huge amounts of sand eels made a showing on the norrth side of Woodbridge. Actually had some bird action for the first time in a week. The frenzy continued its way right out to the mouth were we slammed schoolies and a few nice fish on every drift from the jetties out a mile or so. lot's of fun!!

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