June 13th 2007

Tagged Striper $1000 Reward!!!

Well potentially $1000. The tag actually said $5 to $1000 reward. It was the first time I have seen a tag of this kind and when we boated the fish all I saw on the tag was the part that said reward one thousand dollars! Kind of a tough day out there. myself and the Jersey boys put in a solid 4:30 to 4:30 performance in consistent 30 knot north east wind. The flats were hot right off the bat at first light and then again during the outgoing tide. all that high wind blew a bunch of big blues up onto Joppa today for the first time. Over the past few weeks it has just been little snappers. besides catching the blues we managed to boat 12 or 15 keepers up to 40 inches. We also lost three really big fish that just had hooks pull out in the high wind and rough conditions. back at 'em tomorrow!!

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