From bad to bunker busters!!!

We had a pretty slow start to the month as hurricane residual and early morning full moon tides really put the fish down in our normal "all sides of Plum Island" territory. Charters on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd were really, really bad. That's all I can say. Larry Craig of the Plum Island Surf Casters and John Meier's group on the first had some really slow action and I hope you guys come back next year in June so we can show you the other side of this fishery. Glen, I guess you can come back too.

Our luck was soon to change. Acting on a tip from First Light Anglers of Rowley, Mass. We headed down to Manchester Harbor on Oct. 8th with Steve Saldi. The morning started out slow but a few big pods of bluefish livened things up for us while the tide worked its way up. Once the tide turned, some serious surface striper action began!! The feed continued for several hours with tons of schoolies and scattered groups of keepers and monster bass mixed right in. The fall fishing frenzy was back again!!! What a great morning, Saldi topped the fish scale with a 39 and 1/2 inch beauty. I'm not sure how long this action will last but what a great way to finish up the season. Thanks to the guys at First Light for putting us on the fish today!!

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